Environment Artist

I like to make pebbles and plants

Hyperlight Breaker

Current Project: In Pre-Alpha, Early Access available 2023

Solar Ash

Released Dec 2 2021 on ps4-ps5-PC

Kid A Mnesia: Exhibtion

Freelance Set decking for Radiohead project: Released on Epic Games and PS5

One Day Projects:

The start of a collection of small personal projects that I challenge myself to make in one day.

Tunnel Vision

Center of the Flames

Gate to the Fae


VR relaxation experience released on Oculus Go

Khimera Kombat

Personal project, maps based on Mortal Kombat with mutant animals

Additional Work

Misc collection of work over the years

Lil Miquela

Lighting-Texture-Compositing for popular CG Instagram Star